The Sheffield Barndominium

You may ask yourself, “What is a Barndominium?” The Barndominium is a residence combined with a large garage/storage area, and they are growing in popularity. There are several reasons some are gravitating towards these metal structures as opposed to the more traditional home. Barndominiums are solid and stand up really well to the elements, but also make good economical sense since the cost to build is lower. Our metal homes are usually built for over $30 per square foot less than a conventional home. However, it’s not just the construction costs that are lower, metal structures require less maintenance and they’re easily insulated to reduce cost on your utilities. The insides of the structures are trimmed out just like a conventional home and usually feature an oversized garage or storage area.
If you’re looking to build a new home in the future, consider a Barndominium from B & B Welding Inc. To read about the Sheffields Barndominium that was featured in the monthly E-Zine “Design and Build with” click here.

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About the author : Daryn Crawford

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